with Rev. Paul Phelps

“Kindness is my friend today. Kindness is the way.”

Spirit talked with me this morning about making kindness my friend. About making it a way of life for me. To think about kindness all of the time – especially toward myself. Kindness is a tool that we can use to pave the way to God. Keep it in our mind as an intention for the day to be used as a tool of healing. Kindness and gentleness go together hand-in-hand. Kindness is a gift from God that is eternally ours to manifest in the world. It is a form of love. You cannot find love without kindness and you cannot find kindness without love. Today we would think about kindness as we move through our day. Without kindness we cannot be happy with ourselves or with others. Kindness needs to be weaved throughout our daily thoughts and activities as if making a blanket of love to wrap ourselves and others with in our wake.

Gentleness is the delivery method of kindness to both ourselves and others. We cannot heal ourselves or help others to heal without gentleness. Gentleness too goes hand-in-hand with love. Compassion is a companion to kindness as well as the others. As you can see, kindness is a very powerful tool. It is a path we can walk that will help us to feel better instantly when we feel down. If you feel down in any way, take a moment to ask the Spirit of Kindness within you, “What can I do to express kindness to myself or another right now?” When the insight comes, act upon it with the most sincerity if your heart. When you do act upon it, notice the healing effects immediately manifesting in your spirit. Take a moment right now to close your eyes and go within and ask the Spirit of Kindness, “What expression of kindness would you have for me today?”

“Kindness is my friend today. Kindness is the way.”


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