Today, I held a class at my studio this morning on “Overcoming Perfectionism.” It’s not an ACIM-based class, but it is about mind-healing and changing our thoughts. The class is based on the theme of Peaceful Weight Loss & Wellness. We bring up topics such as the one today and other topics such as Self-Compassion (next week), meditation, mindfulness, mindful eating, movement, stress eating, understanding stress & anxiety (last Friday of this month), or healthy relationship with oneself. Great topics, right?

Today in the “Overcoming Perfectionism” each took turns sharing their areas where they experience perfectionism. We can strive to be our best, but when we lose track of that here in the world we are not perfect, anxiety steps in and wreaks havoc. It leaves us with frustration and unhappiness. One way to deal with this is look at our lives and notice that no one is judging us but ourselves. Perfectionism can be a holdover from childhood and of course infused by the ego, but when we are in this mindset, we are not present.

We can get through this by remembering the truth of who we are and that internally we are Perfect in God. We can choose to experience this or not. Imperfection is inherent to being human. We get through this by appreciating ourselves, working on self-acceptance, avoiding comparisons (with others or our own self-imposed expectations), forgiving setbacks and practicing gratitude. Perfectionism is about control. What can we really control in this world anyway?

For me, I’ve had to learn to accept my imperfections. Recently as today, I was guided by Spirit to make a venue change for our October retreat because of financial reasons. At first I trusted, then I didn’t, then I did. I wanted to handle this perfectly. I didn’t want to make a mistake!

Then we had a board meeting to discuss the issue. Just before the board meeting, I had communication from the retreat center that we could possibly lose our deposit. I saw this email at a stoplight (stop and let the Light through), and the calm demeanor I had when I left my studio to travel home for the online meeting with our board had begun to vanish. I only live 7 minutes away.

As the board discussed and made a decision, I accepted my original guidance. Afterward I heard, “How long is an instant?” from The Two Uses of Time in Chapter 15. Jesus states, “If you are tempted to be dispirited by thinking how long it would take to change your mind so completely, ask yourself, “How long is an instant?”

There is the answer.  Could I not give such a short time to the Holy Spirit?

Well, of course I can, and I did.

Can you?

I know I have plenty more stories of my past perfectionism situations. For the most part, I am accepting, but it does sneak in there every so often, like today.

By the way, I am adding on a long-distance option for anyone who made be interested in our sessions. Contact me if you are interested. We meet on Fridays at 10 am Central Time, and I’ll be adding our video conferencing very shortly to these sessions.

In Peace,
Rev. Deb


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