We have had some questions about our audio and videos for the Lessons and a few other items.

Let me explain what we have been doing for this year. We are marrying older content (the three previous audios) with new material (the new podcast with new posts) to provide a new website for just the Workbook lessons, www.acimlessons.org

It is quite a huge undertaking, especially since the scope of our work spans almost 15 years on the web. We are a very small crew (a handful) and I personally am the only one who performs all of the web work, plus all of the audio and video editing (besides recording). All of us who do this, myself included, are volunteers with no compensation whatsoever. I try my best to stay on top of it and do what I am able. I also work and own a meditation/yoga studio. My husband works both full-time and part-time for the Wisconsin Army National Guard. Others on the team work too.

It would be lovely if this would be my paid full-time job. However, our mission is to keep the largest portion of what we offer for FREE for ACIM Students versus what other teachers or organizations who have large teams of staff and charge much higher fees for what they offer, thus keeping out those who cannot afford to do so. My background is in non-profit so this has never felt right to me. I want everyone to have access and our policy is we never turn anyone away from our programs because of finances. I cite the Psychotherapy supplement to ACIM in this regard.

We only charge for our 6-week classes, webinars, and retreats and do so minimally. For our study groups we do not require payment and are on a love offering basis. Everything we offer we do appreciate donations to help pay for the myriad of expenses. There are a significant amount of expenses to keep it all running and sometimes not enough donations to meet the expense. That’s being transparent.

The daily emails are generated from the website itself. We’re all here to work together for this community so everyone’s suggestions are most welcome.

I hope this clarifies your questions, and feel free to ask more.

We may be small, but we are mighty companions walking the road together of practical application.

In Peace,
Rev. Deb



Since you’re here… …we have a small favor to ask. More people are reading our posts, listening to our audios and watching our videos than ever before but far fewer are donating for it. As an all-volunteer ministry, you can see why we need to ask for your help. MiraclesOne provides ACIM resources freely however it takes a lot of time, money and hard work to produce. But we do it because we believe in encouraging others to practically apply the Course principles in their lives – because it might just make the one difference in your life. If everyone who reads, listens or watches and likes what we offer helps to pay for it we can continue to afford our expenses and keep our resources FREE to all ACIM Students. Monthly Donors receive free gifts in appreciation for their support.

To mail a donation: 
1213 N. Sherman Ave #359
Madison, WI 53704