Joining together with others in the study of A Course in Miracles can assist with more understanding of the material, learning from others’ personal miracle stories, and the encouragement to dive deeper into personal practice. We have three weekly ACIM Study Groups that meet via video and phone conferencing on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. On Sundays in Madison, Wisconsin, we have an in-person study group. Each group has a slightly different focus but all maintain practical application of A Course in Miracles in our lives. Our study group facilitators are Gayle Bartlett, Mari Dole, Ryan Westbrook-Vigue, Darike Vigue, Tracey Frick, Tom Wolff, Rev. Paul Phelps, and myself, Rev. Deb Phelps. My thank to all!

Below you will find the summaries from our groups this week.

To join in our Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday ACIM Study Groups via video or phone conferencing, see the information at this link.

For Madison, Wisconsin information, go to this link.

Monday ACIM Study Group

Greetings to all!

Our Monday morning Study Group was both deep and delightful!

We enjoyed a beautiful meditation together, followed by immersion in Workbook Lessons.  It was certainly our intention to delve into today’s Lesson (141, the first Lesson in Review IV), but then knowing that folks were on other Lessons in their own study, we broadened our discussion to include each.  We are committed to sharing our understanding of the Lessons and how we use them in our life experience.

The focus of our Text discussion this week was Chapter 4, Section II.  The Ego and False Autonomy.  

In the Monday morning Study Group, we really enjoy delving into the concepts of the Text, what they mean to us, and sharing examples of these concepts as they occur for us, as well as how we work with them.

We were intrigued by the concept of having made not only our own ego, but also our concept of the other’s ego, as well.

There was some resonance to the idea we “react to the ego much as God does to His creations, – with love, protection and charity”.

There is so much rich and substantive material in this section

(but where in the Course is there not?)!

Continuing with some highlight hopping of our experience: Jesus explains that “Salvation is nothing more than right-mindedness.”  He differentiates this from the One-mindedness of the Holy Spirit, but He says that it must be achieved before One-mindedness is restored.  And then there is the promise, that right-mindedness leads to the next step, automatically!

Jesus asks us this important question: “Who is the ‘you’ who are living in this world?”

That is a great question to ponder, is it not?

All are welcome to ponder with us, and to share with us by dropping-in

to the Monday morning Study Group

(9:00 CT/10:00 ET)!

With love and blessings!


Tuesday ACIM Study Group

Tuesday Evening ACIM Study Summary:


This Tuesday the group discussed number 22, “HOW ARE HEALING AND ATONEMENT RELATED?” from the Manual For Teachers.

We opened with a Guided Meditation called “The Pebble.”

We spoke about how we are practically applying how we are living the daily Workbook Lessons.

Check-in to share how each member of the group to talk about how their week was going.

We discussed how we are practically applying how healing and atonement and how they are not related, but we are vigilant in our watching of these two in our daily lives. We discussed in lengthy detail how each Course student learns forgiveness along their journey and though each Course student is on the same journey home, the approach we each take on our journey home is different meeting each of us where we are in that moment of time. We discussed how God offered the option of Peace long before we knew that is what we desired and how understanding this forgiveness is healing and we need to have an understanding of healing for it to occur within us. Though we did not complete the entire reading of this section in the Manual For Teachers, it did not matter because such deep sharing occurred within the discussion of what we received during the opening meditation, our practical application of how we are living the daily Workbook Lesson and how we can tie in what we were discussing over our reading in the Manual For Teachers. This group always delves deep into personal sharing and application to our practice of A Course In Miracles. This is a drop-in study group that meets every Tuesday evening at 6:30pm CST. If you can drop-in anytime we would love to have you join this group and share your practical application of A Course In Miracles.

As Always I wish you the deepest peace,

Ryan Westbrook-Vigue

Wednesday ACIM Study Group

Hi everyone,

Gayle Bartlett here.  As usual, we had a lovely discussion of the reading from the Manual For Teachers yesterday, it was 20. WHAT IS THE PEACE OF GOD?  We took turns reading it, it’s short, six paragraphs, one to two at a time.  We find when they’re not too long, reading out loud to one another and then discussing it, paragraph by paragraph, to be truly beneficial.

I am keenly aware that many of you haven’t tackled the Manual yet, I am keeping this in mind as I write.  Top of mind are our newcomers whose exposure to the Course has been, perhaps, minimal or for a very short period of time.

The reading is just so reassuring, we are reminded that the peace of God “brings with it no past associations.”  (Paragraph two, sentence four.) Can you imagine?  Well, for me it’s like practicing the Holy Instant, there are entire sections of the Text devoted to learning how to practice it.  Basically, it’s where we forget the past, do not fret about the future and just get into the present moment.  There are no cares, worries, frustrations, no anxiety, depression, etc., but it is a commitment, if you will, to be willing to offer it to the entire Sonship, everyone we “hate”, despise, resent or even find mildly irritating.  You see, if we truly want the peace of God above all else and want to stay in that state of mind or remain in the Holy Instant, that’s what we are called to do, let go of the past and future.  What do they represent to us, you ask?  Grievances that we carry with us if we choose not to forgive.

In the third paragraph, Jesus states, sentence six, “Therefore, forgiveness is the necessary condition for finding the peace of God.”  In other words, we experience the peace of God by being willing to forgive, overlook what our brothers or we did realizing the separation from God never occurred, it just couldn’t.  By choosing to forgive, the “gift” we receive from God is His peace.  Of course, it’s always there, ever present, we just get hung up on wanting everything or everyone to be different, ourselves included, in order to be happy.

In the fourth paragraph, go to sentence six through its end, Jesus asks us, “Is conflict what you want, or is God’s peace the better choice?  Which gives you more?  A tranquil mind is not a little gift.”  WOW!  This is what it boils down to…conflict, what is the payoff? Do we really want to remain in a state of war or peace?  It is our choice, separation or peace, there are no alternatives and if we become angry in any form, peace cannot be attained.  Sentence two, same paragraph.

To wrap up, check this out, unbelievable!:

“Forgive the world, and you will understand that everything that God created cannot have an end, and nothing He did not create is real.  In this one sentence is our course explained.  In this one sentence is our practicing given its one direction.  And in this one sentence is the Holy Spirit’s whole curriculum specified exactly as it is.” Sentences seven through 10.

These sentences blew all of us away.  Can you imagine our “getting” the critical importance of being willing to forgive, allowing the Holy Spirit or Jesus to undo it all for us, and the indescribable sense of peace we will experience?  Don’t you find this possibility exciting and worth working toward?

Gosh, this is very long.

Just forgive me, OK?

Last comments:

One participant beautifully experienced the Holy Instant in church, the past mattered not, and the sense was it was nothing for which we have to strive, it’s an organic process, if you will.

Another shared the holy moments come, and they can be different in form, when stepping back and allowing Him to lead the way.

Another had decided to write down what she thought about the reading before devouring it and wrote the most magnificent few paragraphs on what the peace of God has meant to her as she practically applies the Course.  I will ask her if she’s willing to share it with the entire email group.

She also shared that rather than rejecting a part of her she finds highly frustrating and “seemingly” real in the course of a given day that by sending love to it was therapeutic.  She had been trying to “overcome” a particular tendency within herself which seems to exacerbate rather than diffuse it.

For me, it’s just been making peace my number one priority and divesting myself from distractions, interruptions, etc., I was unaware I had or was doing on an excessive basis, just being mindful and forgiving.

OK, that’s enough from me for one day!

You’ll hear from me every other week as Mari Dole and I take turns leading.

Hope you’ll join us sometime, you are always welcome!



Sunday ACIM Study Group in Madison

Sunday’s meeting opened with a meditation using Lesson 80 – Let me realize my problems have been solved. So what is our problem? It is the belief in separation. We also talked about problems on the level of form and how trust and the release of the outcome are needed.

This led us into a discussion on Acceptance with the remembrance of “outside picture of an inward condition.” As a few shared their stories, we were able to notice how there was a desire to blame, to manipulate the other person or world, to basically, give our power away. We are not the victim and if we remember to turn the ideas around and realize it is only about ourselves, we can heal greatly.

As the discussion continued, we moved into “Projection and Perception.” We find amongst beliefs in fear and separation; these too are the cause of our unhappiness in the world. If someone else were different… well, it’s our responsibility! This led to both reads from Ch. 21 Introduction and II. The Responsibility for Sight.

We are responsible for what we see and experience by choice in our minds. No one is doing anything to us; the world is not doing anything to us. If we want others to act differently, we need to look within our own mind where we are hiding that thought.

This conversation then led to the “aha!” for someone that it is not just another person in the world, but could very well be, in this case, one’s employer.

If I think the workplace is unorganized and chaotic, then where is that really stemming from? My own mind.

As always, there was lots of healing and sharing. Come on and join us next week. The sessions are drop-in, and each week a topic is presented, miracle stories shared and our reading for the day is guided by Holy Spirit

This week’s video on Acceptance was a replay of a video from our archives. A meditation on “Acceptance.”

Video Link:

Rev. Deb

To join in our Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday ACIM Study Groups via video or phone conferencing, see the information at this link.

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