Wherever we go, we can take Peace with us. Wherever we go, we can see Love if we choose to. Jesus has been preparing us to be able to do that. That’s why he gave us the Workbook lessons. He slowly, slowly builds the amount of time we take for meditation and listening for the Holy Spirit’s Voice. If we’re serious about wanting to hear Holy Spirit, doing the Workbook faithfully is a great first step. It’s systematic mind-training in hearing the Voice for God. And if we’ve already done the Workbook, we just need to practice and deepen what we’ve already learned. We may choose to go back and redo certain lessons as we’re guided.

Some students fret that they’ve completed the Workbook but they’re still “not getting it.” Hey, no sweat! Like Jesus said, it takes time and practice. Just keep practicing the lessons. Pay attention to the messages Holy Spirit gives you through the lessons and through other means. We’ve already talked about where those messages come from. Everywhere and anywhere, right? There’s no real particular method or form, but you’ll know Him by the peace He brings.

The Workbook Lesson 49 tells us that “God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day.” Holy Spirit is always broadcasting, but we’re not always listening.

And peace is what we all want, isn’t it? When we are making a decision about this or that, or when there’s a situation we have to deal with, the bottom line is that we want peace. That’s not so complicated. We want the peace of God. We were made for peace, and we only feel at home in peace. If we’re paying attention to ego thoughts, we’re not going to have peace. We’re going to have anxiety, confusion, worry, fear, and all those other negative states we’re so familiar with. If we want peace, we need to accept responsibility for our non-peaceful thoughts. Recognize them. Don’t blame them on someone else or some situation outside of you. With the Holy Spirit’s help, forgive yourself for your ego thoughts. They are merely a fearful defense to keep the Love of God at a distance.

The Voice for God may come in some of the ways we’ve been talking about, but It also can come in the recognition that we have been wrong and mistaken about how we’ve been seeing a situation, person, or event and now we’re willing to see things differently. That realization is the Holy Spirit, too. In the Preface to the Course, we read about Helen and Bill. Bill gave Helen an impassioned speech about how there had to be another way to deal with their difficult relationship. What did Helen reply? “I will help you to find it.” She later said that those words just came to her. But that’s exactly what the Holy Spirit tells us when we say to Him, “There must be another way!” Holy Spirit replies: “I will help you find it.” That’s pretty profound when we realize that right there in the Preface we’re told how the Holy Spirit works with each of us. We come to the point where we say “There must be another way” and Holy Spirit, Who is our Right Mind, promises to help us find it. That’s all it takes.

Here’s a summing up of our suggestions for how to hear the Voice for God:

  • Open-mindedness: Being open to what or how the messages will come to me. Do not look for them to appear in a certain way or form.
  • Conscious choice: Make a conscious choice to hear the Voice for Value It above the ego’s voice. Have the determination to hear It.
  • Willingness: Be willing to let our ideas go and learn something new.
  • Trust: Trust that Holy Spirit will answer and that we will receive the answer. The Voice for God always answers, but It may appear differently than we had expected.
  • Focus on self, not others: Do not compare ourselves with others and how they receive Holy Spirit’s wisdom. He will communicate perfectly with us if we continue to practice. Love makes no comparisons. Tune in to how we are feeling. What obstacles have we put in the way of hearing Holy Spirit? Surrender ourselves to Holy Spirit and let go of our own agendas.
  • Focus on content, not form: It’s not what we do; it’s what we think. The form doesn’t matter. It’s the content that’s important. Let’s remember that and keep practicing.

An excerpt from our book, Change Your Mind! Talks on Living A Course in Miracles


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