Thoughts on Day 30

Thoughts on Day 30

We’ve made it to 30 days (plus a couple of Sundays). I hope you all have the feeling of renewal. I know I do.

Our reading was “The Decision for Guiltlessness.” In this reading, there are two different “prayers” if you will. The first:

Say therefore, to yourself, gently, but with the conviction born of the Love of God and of His Son:

What I experience I will make manifest.

If I am guiltless, I have nothing to fear.

I choose to testify to my acceptance of the Atonement, not to its rejection. 

I would accept my guiltlessness by making it manifest and sharing it.

Let me bring peace to God’s Son from his Father.

In this, I reflected. If I focus on fear in my mind and all of its forms. You know, the judgment, jealousy, the hurt, the anger, then I will see more of it in my life. In fact, everywhere I look that is what I will see. And I did, prior to my study of the Course. Even thereafter, until I learned to recall Jesus’ words, “I have nothing to fear.” Nothing to fear. We are warriors in the sense of the Buddhist tradition. We have the courage to look within. I had that courage and it is what has brought me to where I am today.

It is all opposite of how I lived my life 25 years ago. I do not fear outcomes; I trust. I do not compare myself with others; I love me as I am. I do not live in conflict for I choose peace first.

Our second “prayer” comes at the end where we are asked to say to the Holy Spirit ONLY, “Decide for me,” and it is done. He instructs thusly: Whenever you are in doubt what you should do, think of His Presence in you, and tell yourself this, and only this:

He leadeth me and knows the way, which I know not.

Yet He will never keep from me what He would have me learn.

And so I trust Him to communicate to me all that He knows for me.

Then let Him teach you quietly how to perceive your guiltlessness, which is already there.

This is how to live my life. I ask of the Holy Spirit to be with me in my mind. I keep the connection open to Him all throughout the day. I accept the Atonement (the undoing of fear). I trust His Guidance. I follow the path of peace.

That’s about it. Do you want to live this way too?

How did I do it? How do I still do it?

I stick with A Course in Miracles and ONLY A Course in Miracles. I do not chase the new book or derivative. I do not buy every book by every author. I don’t attend workshops and conferences (anymore). I may write these books and teach workshops and classes, but my focus is always on ONE path. Yes, I do appreciate other paths. And, yes, meditation is part of my path and it is in the Workbook. (I’ll be detailing that at the retreat and a later class on the subject).

The point is. I do not allow myself to be distracted with all the shiny objects (the so-called enlightened teachers, the gurus, tons of books and CDs, authors, etc.) I start my day before anything meditating and working the lesson or recently these affirmations I have been given to share with you. I am not special nor do I wish to be special. I wish only to share what I learn and pass it on, just as Jesus has with us. He has said to us that all the things he has done, you can do as well. We all can hear Holy Spirit’s Voice. We all can heal our minds.

Focus in on your study and your practice. Check in with Holy Spirit as to where to go, who to see and what to do. Go beyond the words on the page and live the words. That’s what I do. I enjoy working with students in a more intimate atmosphere like a class, a private session or at a retreat. We share together as like-minds all here to be students of one another. I still learn, even after all these years. Why? Because I am open to learning. If I think I know it all, then I know nothing because I have forgotten to love and to be kind and to see myself as equals with everyone here.

That is our lesson every moment. So, live this Course with gusto, my friends. I am here only to be truly helpful, and to walk with my brothers in peace.


This is part of our 40 Days of Light: From Lent to Easter

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