40 Days of Light – Day 35

I behold my Friend, the Christ Who stands beside me.

It is almost Easter, the time of resurrection. What will you do today to accept your resurrection? We’ve come this far together. Have you stopped, listened, and learned? You still can, you know. To experience the holiness of your resurrection, you must accept it. Stop wasting time. The Christ and your brother hold out forgiveness to you. You are offered salvation. It’s more than these words you read. Lift the burden of sin with the Holy Spirit. You can be free. In fact, you are free. Stop acting as if you are in bondage. You are not victimized or crucified. You are the Christ. You are free. There is no death. Be with this more than the time it took you to read this. Take time to become quiet and pensive. Then, step up and do what you need to do. You know what it is. You’ve been putting it off. This is the time. Do it now.

Reference: Text, Ch. 19, IV. The Obstacles to Peace, D. The Fourth Obstacle: The Fear of God, i. The Lifting of the Veil

Rev. Deb

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