40 Days of Light – Day 13

Decide for God.

You have sought long enough. You found this world unfulfilling in many ways. You thought if you found just one more relationship, one more “toy”, one more degree, one more workshop, one more spiritual teacher, one more idea, one more spiritual path, one more dollar, one more pleasure, one more ______, would bring you the greatest happiness ever. You were wrong. This world has nothing to offer you.

Yes, we walk through this world but we have looked upon it with fear, anger, or greed. We have not looked upon this world with the Eyes of Holiness or the Eyes of Love. We are learning, day by day, to do so. You are here to demonstrate forgiveness, the one illusion to end all illusions. You practice not just for yourself but for everyone. We go home together or not at all. Now comes the decision. Decide for God and you are home. Decide otherwise, and you have chosen emptiness. Choose once again.

Reference: Manual for Teachers, 13. What is the Real Meaning of Sacrifice?

Podcast: Real Meaning of Sacrifice
Rev. Deb continues with the 40 Days of Light with this week’s reading, “What is the Real Meaning of Sacrifice?” from the Manual for Teachers. Give up the world and gain Heaven. 

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Rev. Deb

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Real Meaning of Sacrifice

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