40 Days of Light – 3rd Sunday

My worth is established by God.

Today is the 3rd Sunday in this “Lent” time before Easter.

In this week’s session, we will be teaching from the section in the Text, Ch. 4, Introduction and I. Right Teaching and Right Learning. Jesus speaks to us that “the journey to the cross should be the last “useless journey.” and he emphasizes that this was not the gospel he intended to offer. There is another journey for us to follow and we can do so by following the right Teacher.

Reference: Text, Ch. 4, Introduction & I. Right Teaching & Right Learning and Lesson 118 – Review 105 & 106

Rev. Deb


The Last Useless Journey – 3/19/17

with Revs. Deb and Paul Phelps
The ego is afraid of the spirit’s joy… T-4.I.10:1

In this session, Revs. Deb and Paul Phelps shared from the sections in the Text, Ch. 4. Introduction and I. Right Teaching and Right Learning.  We learn that the journey to the cross is the last useless journey we need take.  Jesus wants us to follow in his resurrection. He wants to assist us very gently so we can be led back to God. You worth was established by God.  Renounce the ego’s guard of your mind and be open to what is. Short meditation follows.

Text, Ch. 4, Intro & I. Right Teaching & Right Learning
Lesson 118 – Review 105 & 106

Recorded March 19, 2017


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