My friends,

I have a new “Lessons in Light” email series I have created that I wish to share with you. This new series will continue throughout the entire month of December.

How this will work is that several times a week I will send you an email that may contain a short audio talk I have recorded (and perhaps a video), inspiring and enlightening guided meditations to invoke the Light and bring you to a state of peace, ACIM readings reflecting the Light and easy exercises that you can do to help you not only think about the Light within, but more importantly, to practice accessing it. You can receive the gift of Light this holiday season. And we’ll do this together as there is a private Facebook group to share insights and miracles! Sign up today as the first message will go out December 2nd!

Together, we will cover the following in this email series:

  • Light of Truth
  • Light of Love
  • Light of Joy
  • Light of Peace
  • Light of Christ
  • Light of the World

We can become focused on anything but the light within. We are easily swayed by the ego with its distractions and forays into the past, or blame of another, or guilt. Or, even subtle “superiority” which can come in various forms. It looks as such: “I am superior than others because I am a Course student,” or “I am superior to others because I have X numbers of years of education or letters in front or behind my name,” or “I am superior because I will forgive you or I am kinder.” We don’t think of these ideas coming to take the place of Heaven and the peace of God, yet they do.

We judge others and we judge ourselves. Mostly we judge ourselves for the seeming separation that in truth never occurred. We project outward to keep the truth at bay. In Chapter 26, X. The End of Injustice, Jesus speaks to us about judgment, injustice, and unfairness, all feelings we can relate. We deprive ourselves of our light as we believe we are or have been unfairly treated by someone or something in the world, ultimately it is we feel unfairly treated by God. Yet once again Jesus reminds us:

If you perceive injustice anywhere, you need but say:
By this do I deny the Presence of the Father and the Son.
And I would rather know of Them than see injustice, which Their Presence shines away.

What if the Light within was sufficient? What if we didn’t have to dig or peel layers away? What if you realized you are the one depriving yourself of the Light? What if we just recognized it for what it is? Already present and alive in us.

What if we simply release our defenses? Every defense that we hold. Our judgments, our past, our desire for control, our righteousness, everything. What if we accepted the Light within us and others as what it is?

This paragraph in Lesson 188 tells us, Sit quietly and close your eyes. The light within you is sufficient. It alone has power to give the gift of sight to you. Exclude the outer world, and let your thoughts fly to the peace within. They know the way. For honest thoughts, untainted by the dream of worldly things outside yourself, become the holy messengers of God Himself.

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