On Sunday, October 2nd, 2016, I spoke of the world as our classroom. Everything here is for us to remember to choose the Teacher of Love over the teacher of fear. EVERY situation, EVERY news item, EVERY relationship, and all of it is for us. This is how we heal and this is how we find peace in our lives.

The question then is “Is my peace of mind worth going through the lesson?” Hopefully, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Many times I have spoke and share on the idea that this course is a course in practical application. This is where the rubber meets the road. If we want to embrace A Course in Miracles truly, then we must live it to the best of our abilities. There are many situations in our lives, and this was evident in our Sharing Circle after my Sunday Message, where we can become confused about how to handle our experience.

If you use the idea of your internal feelings as your barometer, and stop immediately when you feel out of sorts or a lack of peace, or sad, angry, frustrated and so on, and turn within to Jesus or the Holy Spirit, you are making a great stride towards your healing. This can be anything in your experience. As I spoke Sunday in relation to my Message and with the group afterwards, every moment we have an opportunity to choose our teacher.

Somewhere, somehow we have decided we wanted to remain as a victim to this world. The very world we made up! When we realize how empowered we truly are, we can change our mind. We can think differently. Does this change the world itself? Perhaps not, but it changes our experience of the world as we change our perception and purpose of the world.

We find as we join with our most Holy Instructor, we can view all situations through His Loving Eyes. He does not see the negative, the destruction, the chaos, the injustice or any of which our body’s senses experience. What He sees is Love. What we can see with Him, is Love. He knows we identify with the body and it’s okay, but we can also identify with truth and make our experience here happier and more peaceful.

Yes, there are many instances in our lives, all of our lives and around the world that trigger strong emotions. We want to help or change the world in some way, but we don’t know how or we think we do. Changing our mind about the world as Jesus suggests does not mean we sit in lotus position and burn incense and ignore what is occurring. We do turn within to Him, we do ask to see through His Eyes, and we forgive the situation. Yet, we may also be called to act, instead of acting from the ego, we would be using our body and our voice, to be an agent of love.

The Course is not concerned about what you do in the world, but from what premise or mindset you do it. It starts first with our mind. One can offer a gift from fear or from love and from guilt or from appreciation. The act is the same but the premise is different.

Think about this as you read or view the news, gather with family or friends, attend meetings at your job, and so forth. You can make a difference by being the peacemaker in your own mind. Try it for the next hour and see how it feels. Then try it for the following hour, and so on. A thousand minds are set free as you set yours free.

In Peace,

Rev. Deb


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