Skeletons in the Closet (Shake, Rattle, and Roll)

From Rev. Deb’s Unity Radio Show:

It’s that haunting time of year! You don’t have to be afraid of the “bumps in the night” that occur from the thoughts of the past. Let’s shove those skeletons back in the closet where they belong and roll along in peace with the Holy Spirit. Rev. Deb shares a recent personal story of doing just that. As A Course in Miracles says, “Children perceive frightening ghosts and monsters and dragons, and they are terrified. Yet if they ask someone they trust for the meaning of what they perceive, and are willing to let their own interpretations go in favor of reality, their fear goes with them. When a child is helped to translate his ‘ghost’ into a curtain, his ‘monster’ into a shadow, and his ‘dragon’ into a dream he is no longer afraid, and laughs happily at his own fear.”

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