Keep your mind in tune with Holy Spirit. Speak to Him as you would a very dear friend. Tell Him everything. Just lay it on the line. Cuss if you must! Do not hide anything from Him in any way. The more honest you can be the more you will move into a healing space.

Remind yourself that you want to stay in touch with the Holy Spirit all the time and not just when your life is taking a turn for the worse. During the bad times, we tend to use Holy Spirit like a slot machine, putting in our desires and expecting a large return; or we can be like children writing to Santa Claus asking him to fulfill an extended wish list.

Invest in the relationship with Holy Spirit by sharing your gratitude and appreciation as well as your struggles. Talk with Him, as I said before, like you would talk to a friend.

The ego doesn’t like all this talking to and palling around with the Holy Spirit. The ego’s agenda is to keep up separated from God. It is the agenda of fear, self-righteousness, judgment, and defense. Remember the ego is E-dging G-od O-ut. Where in your life are you edging God out and not giving Him the time that both He and you deserve?

Be determined to hear Holy Spirit’s Voice. Jesus says in the Course that it takes “effort and great willingness” to hear the Voice for God, and it was the last item Jesus himself checked off on his to-do list here in the world.

So if it was Jesus’ last item, it must have taken him lots of practice, too.

I will remind you here of the lessons in the Workbook for Students. They prepare you for listening to Holy Spirit’s Voice. Day by day as you do the lessons, you let go of listening to ego’s voice and open up to a rich relationship of communication with the Holy Spirit. Allow the relationship to blossom and grow.

Finally, I will add these pointers for listening to Holy Spirit:

  • Conscious Choice – Make a conscious choice to hear the Voice for God.
  • Willingness – Be willing to let your ideas go and be willing to learn something new.
  • Trust – Trust that the Holy Spirit will answer and that you will open up to the answer.

The Voice for God always answers, but His answer may appear differently than what we had expected.  Or we might expect Him to answer us in the way He answered someone else. That’s why we should focus only on our own relationship with Holy Spirit. Stay away from comparing yourself with other people and their relationship with Him. Comparison is the ego’s tool! What we will find is that He communicates perfectly with us if we continue to practice. Tune into how you are feeling. Take another look at your obstacles to listening to Holy Spirit.  Surrender your obstacles and let Him lead the way. He is leading you into the Light of Peace. Your acceptance of the Answer is all it takes as the Answer is already present.

Ah…peace comes when you take the time.

From our book “God Talks to Me? Yes!” available here on Kindle and in print.



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