We have adjusted the truth to meet the ego’s needs to keep the separation in the forefront of our mind. The ego has distorted the truth. The holy do not interfere with truth. And we are holy. We have been afraid of the truth only because we have listened to the wrong voice for so long. Now we have a different voice speaking to us. This Voice tells us to look at the world through happy eyes or Christ Vision.

How do we do this? We release our judgment on others and on ourselves. Yes, this has been repeated many times before. Why do you think that is? If I stop and remember to see through the Eyes of Christ, just as I had recently in a meeting I attended. When I attended the meeting I knew that a particular person I had dealt with in the past would be there. So instead of allowing the past in the form of this person have power over me. I decided to pray instead. I decided to bless instead of curse. The meeting went smoothly and I was in great gratitude. This was a gift to myself and to the other person. Only takes willingness to forgive.


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