I am in need of nothing but the truth.

Within us the flame of truth burns. We may not experience it or recognize it but it is there. Some of us have glimpses of this flame and others not at all. When we have 1, 2, or 3 glimpses, we crave more. I know my life was as such when I was in high school and then years after until the Course fell into my lap in the early 90s. When I opened its pages, I knew this was exactly what was burning within my soul. I knew this is the truth speaking to me. I didn’t always listen to the truth, but I recognized it when it was shown to me. Now that is all I want. It is everything I want and everything I need. And yes, I am at peace now more than ever before.

What is Sin?

In traditional religion, the idea of “sin” is a “punishable by hell” offense. This is where my first glimpse of truth came in high school. How could I place the inconsistencies of my religious training, Catholicism, into something understandable? I could not. God loves me, but will damn me to hell. This does not compute in my brain at all, never did and never will.

The Course came along and changed all that. Now the idea “God is Love” actually carried its weight. Yes, here in the world we experience every day, crimes occur, people are hurt, the damage is done. And yes, punishment is needed. That is the everyday world we live in. What we learn in ACIM, is that is not our true Home or the true world we actually live in. In truth, we cannot be harmed, no damage is done to our eternal Self.

“Sin” in archery is a “missed mark.” Here, we miss the mark, we’ve made an error in our mind. That’s the difference. The Course speaks of the mind and not what we do in the body. That is why there is no sin. Our minds are still holy and One with God.



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