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God Talks to Me? Yes!

We tend to put the Holy Spirit’s voice outside of us as something external. We make it something “other.” We make the Holy Spirit an external symbol for the Truth that is actually in our right minds as the Sons of God. It’s not something external. It’s What our minds are when we release the ego and its ravages of terror. But right now, we probably still fear to claim that Voice as our own voice, at least in any full and consistent way. At this point, we may need to make the Holy Spirit and Jesus external symbols of the Love of God. We can think of them as our Constant Companions and Comforters, always with us to heal and guide. And that’s fine. It’s progress. But gradually, as we’re faithful to applying Jesus’ teaching, we shrink that gap. We go from “calling on” that Voice to hearing It as our own (right-minded) voice.

For years through our MiraclesOne Center we have offered six-week series of classes that provide in-depth practical application of A Course in Miracles. These classes are offered via video conferencing and jointly with our participants at our Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

These classes are based on specific topics or themes that students can relate to in their lives. Throughout the sessions we engage in reflective and insightful dialogue as prompted by the daily exercises, readings or meditations provided to the students. This is a class design that has evolved and has been fine-tuned over the years. We are pleased it has helped so many students move beyond the beautiful words of the Course to now “walking the talk” with greater confidence in their everyday lives.

Now with this book, you too can gain the benefit of the wisdom and insights from the class dialogue included. A bonus you find are the exercises and downloadable material that you can complete personally at home. This book makes a great tool for study groups!

Purchase the book on Amazon in print and on Kindle.


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