I recall perhaps 16 years ago there was a beautifully illustrated book for children created from this section, titled “The Sunbeam and the Wave.” I owned this lovely book and I may still have it in my collection. The book shared with children and families what we too can learn from this section. Simply, we are not alone. The sunbeam is not separate from the sun and the wave is not separate from the ocean. As try as we might, to be separate from God, we cannot. The same with everyone here in the world, particularly at this time in current events, many would like to be separate from a certain presidential candidate. Neither we nor the candidate can be separate from us.

We defend our little piece of insignificant matter and fight tooth and nail to do so. Wouldn’t it serve us to recall the Kingdom as whole?

I can say at times my mind has wandered away from the joining with others here in the world I may find disagreement in terms of philosophies or politics, yet I can disagree but not separate. I can have, as Ken Wapnick used to say, a “preference” for another way to live, a candidate or even a movie genre. I have to look closely at my mind as to why I do have the preference. Is that preference wrought with judgment? Or can I cleanly and clearly state, it is just a matter of choice with no emotional repository present?

There is no reason to “fight” for anything. Only love is welcome and as it should.

I do love the last line in this section: Only a little wall of dust still stands between you and your brother. Blow on it lightly and with happy laughter, and it will fall away.  And walk into the garden love has prepared for both of you.

The wall of dust is all the barrier is between political parties, philosophies, opinions, genres, what have you. It is our own mind that keeps us separate. Nothing can separate what God has joined.



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