There is nothing outside of you. That is what you must ultimately learn, for it is the realization that the Kingdom of Heaven is restored to you.

A lot of emphasis is placed on the body in our lives. Just check out 30 minutes of a TV program, and commercials remind us of this. What we need to eat, what we need to wear, how we need to create better health and more, flickers on our screen. And yes, we have to exist on this level and do those daily tasks to take care of ourselves. I’m not suggesting otherwise.

But what about our mind? Do we take care of that as carefully as our body? The Course presents to us a program to do so with the Workbook for Students, and even in the pages of the Text and Manual. We come to know we will not find Heaven here in the world. As he tells us in this section, Heaven is an awareness of perfect Oneness. It is the realization there is nothing but this Oneness.

The body came about as the ego’s tool for separation. And it keeps separating, one body after another. We seem to join on the body level, right? We get together with family and friends and enjoy our time spent. Yet there is still a distance we feel. We join and then we go home to our house full of stuff, further insulation from one another. We have political parties, genders, faiths, and more to induce more separation. And, all body related.

The essence of our spirit is not this body we see before us. The body may seem as a barrier to others and to God, but God is ever present in our mind whether we acknowledge Him or not.

Let us remember what we learn in this section, “minds are joined; bodies are not.” I know I’ve felt it if even for a nanosecond and so have you. The phone rings and it’s someone you were thinking of just now. There are many ways it is demonstrated we are not alone and walled off from others as we so think. We join together at a prayer service or other gathering, body-wise but also mind-wise.

Our lesson is to keep moving beyond the body and into the mind we share with God. That is where real satisfaction comes.


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