Thoughts on Week 31, Chapter 18. II. The Basis of the Dream

Dreams are perceptual temper tantrums, in which you literally scream, “I want it thus!”  And thus it seems to be. 

That’s this dream we live in. We want it our way and we want it now! We blot out what is truth so we can have that substitute reality. We also do not want to take responsibility for the world for you see it all begins with a thought in the mind. What we see outside of us, is what is internal. All of our fear and hatred is played out on the stage. We manipulate the players and they do as we wish. And we protest to this idea and shake our heads, “No way, I don’t do that.”

We do. I do. Everything I believed about myself, self-hatred and its collection, came to me in my “world.” The abuse, the hatred, all of it were there on my stage, and because I believed it all to be true. I’m speaking of the beliefs I held deeply in my mind about myself here. I wrote the script and my performers acted it out. The same occurred when I began to heal my mind. The players of pain were gone. Now, I have more peace in my life with troupe, Players of Peace (sounds like a good name, eh?).

It was because I saw through the dream of denial, pain and guilt and into what Holy Spirit was sharing with me instead. He used my dreams, to show me what joy and freedom I could attain. He blessed me in this way and my life was experienced differently. Do challenges still head down my street? Sure, they do, but I don’t get into an accident with them now. I gently steer away into safety. That’s what living this Course every minute of the day does for us, we are in peace and safety.


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