Thoughts on Lesson 241

This holy instant is salvation come.

In meditation today on this lesson, I did receive a vision of the “arc of golden light” as spoke of in “The Forgotten Song” section in the Text. In the holy instant, I felt such joy throughout my being. I felt freedom from the world as love touched my heart and mind. I offered to the Light aspects of my personality I wanted to heal. Old wounds, old thoughts all were touched by this light. I heard in my mind, “You are healed. Offer healing to others by offering them forgiveness. See through to the essence of their soul, and in unity the Son has been saved.”

As I came out of the meditation, I felt a new energy that I had not before I started. At times in the morning I feel stiff from my fibromyalgia, but today, I felt a wellness throughout my mind and body. I found I could exercise without issue. And even since as I write this, I find myself alert, yet calm. I know today, I have made a difference by allowing the holy instant bless me and bless all.

3. What Is the World?

As we have learned the world is false, an illusion. A perception we have made to obliterate the truth from our minds. It hides the fact that we are not separated from God or anyone. Underneath it all is the call to return to our Home. The happy thought in this is we can be redirected, just like the GPS in our cars and on our smartphones. Our sight can be guided by the Light of Truth. With the Light illuminating the world, we can see it for what it is. Together, we can save the world so everyone can experience the Life and Love of God.


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