We have now entered Part II of the Workbook for Students. Now we experience a shift. I like to think of these lessons going forward as daily prayers. I use them myself as I enter my quiet time and meditation each morning. When we come to this part in the Workbook, we have learned much from our daily practices and now we are ready for a different kind of experience, a direct experience with God. We can reach peace in these times.

We use these prayers as a beginning, read them, and then sit in expectation. God does in fact take the next step, just allow it to occur. Do not force and do not give up. Simply rest in the quiet the words generate. Continue to use the prayer on the hour. Remember, we want to establish an ongoing connection with our Creator. Not just when times go sour, but all the time so that calm may remain in our hearts.

Each week we are given a “What is…?” These are helpful to us as it reminds us of concepts Jesus wants to emphasize. More details on these are found in the Text, but here is a quick and easy reminder given to us. We use these too each day in our prayer time.

What is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness does not see the sin. It sees beyond to our true nature and to our brothers true nature. One question for students is, “What about if X happened here in the world, to me or to a loved one?” We are speaking here of what occurs in truth. In truth, no “crime” has occurred. If we are part of God and there is no sin, then nothing at all has occurred. But yes, as we live and breathe here in this world, we experience tough situations. And yes, there can be consequences to actions. The practice is held in our mind, from the truth of our mind to another’s mind.

When my children were molested almost two decades ago, I had to see the truth in the perpetrator’s mind, but still in the world, there were consequences for the actions. Let’s remember we are talking about what is true in our minds. Did I forgive in my mind? Yes. Did I still allow this person in my life or my children’s lives at the time? No.

Let the Holy Spirit be your guide in forgiveness, for that is His function. Welcome the truth and it will welcome you.

Lesson 221 – Peace to my mind. Let all my thoughts be still.

I welcomed this lesson this morning. This is one on my Top 10 list. Today, I was up earlier than usual so it was still dark outside and quiet, save the bottomless hunger of one particular cat, but after a while he too settled into the silence with me. In this lesson, I offer myself to God. I desire Your Peace. “Here I am, Lord,” remember that prayer? It is the prayer that Jesus gave to Helen to give to Bill when she was scribing the Course. That is what these lessons are, our openness to Him.

What then? I wait. Patiently. I wait in acceptance of All That Is. And is it really waiting? What connotations do I have on that word? Isn’t it just being? Yes, just be with the lesson.

Try it and see for yourself in these lessons until the end of the year and see what your experience is.


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