Just this title of this section, “Shadows of the Past” gives us a clue as to where we are headed. Our shadows of the past is our ego’s goals of specialness. Here are the grudges, the slights, the evil, and all that we wish to lay upon another. Yet, in fact we are laying it on God. We have to remember that. Somehow we want to make these shadows not only real, but beautiful. We want to hold on to these memories as precious touchstones of our vengeance.

The Holy Spirit undoes all of this when I allow His interpretation to enter. When I look at another and I am convinced I have been wronged or whatever it may be I am feeling, I am on the attack in my mind. I have to hold my own responsibility into this equation. The truth always lies somewhere in the middle, right? It is best to allow Him to step into my now perceived unholy relationship and all the tick marks of guilt I have made. Thousands upon thousands, that is.

The spark of holiness is there within us. I use this image too as we start our Sunday Session opening meditation. That spark is there within you, placed in you by God. This is the light that leads you Home. Allow the Holy Spirit to fan this flame, let it grow and expand until it is the only thing you see. The Light is you. And so too, the Holy Spirit can uncover the hidden spark in all of our relationships. We can see beyond the “fussing and fighting”, and into the truth that is in us both.

The Light leads and obliterates the darkness in our hearts. Allow it to lead today.


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