Can you imagine how beautiful those you forgive will look to you? 

How beautiful those we forgive will look to us? Yes, it is so. We see the beauty because that is all we now desire to see. This includes ourselves.  When we see with Holy Spirit’s Eyes,  no more are we focused on the wrongs or flaws of another.

I see this for myself with my recent diagnosis of fibromyalgia. It’s just a diagnosis made here in the world. It’s up to me to decide how I will see myself. Will I see myself as limited or unlimited? The body itself may be limited but my mind is eternal. As always, which teacher do I place my alignment?

As this reading (Text, Ch. 17. II. The Forgiven World) we are using in this “Take a Vacation from the Ego” class states in paragraph 1. When we look upon ourselves or our brothers with loveliness, we are seeing the Son of God. We know that as the Son of God there is no separation, no divisions, and that includes the body. It’s not the body we look upon with love, it is the essence of Who we are. We see the Son of God in His glory and we are grateful that now we can truly see with eyes that are not our own.

Personally, I am not only practicing this with my own recent diagnosis but some individuals that have come to mind of late. The ego wants to stir the pot of judgment and criticism based on my own hurt and upset by what these individuals have either said or done. The pot can be stirred yet I can take what rises to the surface as my opportunity to purge it and replace it with the loving ingredients Spirit provides. All of course based on my own willingness.

It’s not hard to make this decision, it’s necessary. It is always looking within and asking myself, “Do I like how I feel right now?” If the answer is “No,” then I make a new choice. We have the ability to do so. It’s up to us to change our own mind. We can wish people and situations away, and sometimes they do “go away”, however, the baggage in the mind is still there. The guilt and judgment and resentment is still there. Freedom comes upon us when we take the slightest step to the side to see a new perspective.  Brother Tom, one of our MiraclesOne Board members stated after our Sunday Session yesterday, “In the Bible when it said to ‘Turn the other cheek’ it did not mean to take more punishment, it meant to see it from a different perspective.” We don’t have to sacrifice ourselves and further identify ourselves as victims. We can turn the other cheek and see it from a higher perspective.

Jesus asks us at the end of this reading, “How much do you want salvation?” As that of yourself, right here and right now, “How much do you desire it?” If you do, then meet with the Holy Spirit and allow Him to walk with you. Trust in Him, allow Him to lead the way. You will only be lead into the Light of Peace.

Rev. Deb

Originally Posted June 2015


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