The special relationship in all its regalia. It is our prized possession, yet it is our most guilty secret. We use it to exact revenge on God. We use the special relationship to uphold our own ego and to fill in all the perceived gaps. “You complete me!” as said in the movie Jerry Mcquire. Our only completion is in God.

We use special relationships to avoid looking within at our fears. I’ll note here that the special relationship can be anyone or anything. We can even make our dear Course book special! Mostly when we talk about this it is with another person. We rule with control. One is always mightier than another in the relationship. We steal what we can from another and then we move on. We may not be conscious of this idea but when we think about it honestly and seriously, it is a true fact.

As I recall relationships in my past, particularly marriages, it was for “love: and no, not holy love. It was because I felt less than, unloveable and would sacrifice myself to receive that love, even if that love was controlling and abusive. “But it’s love!” the ego would shout out, “No one else would ever love you.” And I listened again and again. I trusted others, again and again. All to be hurt time and again by my own foolishness in believing another could fill the piercing holes from a life in fear.

The Holy Spirit can make holy what is not. He cuts through the fog of our fear and the choices we have made. He lifts us gently upward to the light and holds us dearly there. We will recognize God and we will know that is the ONLY relationship we need.


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