Thoughts on Week 29, Ch. 16, III. The Reward of Teaching

This is a course in how to know yourself.

To teach is to demonstrate. I keep that in mind as I think about this section. When Jesus tells me, “We have already learned that everyone teaches, and teachers all the time, ” I take that to mean, by my demonstration I am reinforcing my own beliefs. The question becomes, “What beliefs do I want to reinforce?”

He lists many ideas here. Do I think I have taught freedom? Then, why do I not feel free? Have I taught love yet not feel the love within my being? Do I wonder why peace escapes me? Do I say I forgive yet hold a grudge? With all these and more, I must be honest and true to myself. Am I truly practicing what I believe? That is the self-reflection.

I can know this by the barometer within my mind and heart. If peace escapes me, then I have not believed that God’s peace is mine. The same with anything I feel I demonstrate. Generosity? Yet, do I hold back in giving to others? What more can I know about myself?

I found myself over the weekend while I was quite ill with food poisoning to sincerely contemplate on my life. My mind had been poisoned by the ego’s belief system. I could be angry and outraged and becoming ill, instead I chose it as a time to commune with the Divine. To not make anyone guilty. To rest and to be My True Self. I had decisions to make. What would serve my happiness and serenity? I teach others to follow their heart and to trust in the steps that will appear. I learned this again over the weekend as I counseled myself with the same words I would share with another. The decision was not an easy one, but I felt stepping out in faith would be what my lesson shall be. I trusted and I felt relieved today. An issue that had bothered me for quite some time was given to God. I need not worry what is next, but know that I am carried all the way. Trusting is learning about myself. It is knowing my Self.


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