Holiness involves all of my brothers. Not just those I pick out as special. Everyone is entitled to holiness, otherwise we are all lost. All for One and One for All.

“You have succeeded (in performing miracles) whenever you have reached another mind and joined with it.”

I find this to be true. Even though at first I want to join in the anger that I feel, or the hurt, or whatever ails me in the interaction, the feeling won’t  sustain if I offer the willingness to experience a miracle in the situation. There have been times I have closed myself off to the miracle as to protect myself. I could not trust the miracle. I could not trust my brother.

Is that the way Jesus would have me handle it? Certainly there may be physical safety reasons in the world to back away? But if I really look at this deeply and with love, when I back away from someone am I not backing away from the healing? From the love? From the miracle?

Too often the knee jerk reaction captures my attention and I throw my hands up and blame the other person, make my exit stage right and never to be seen again. So it seems. Until the next person is there in my face. Same situation, just a different face, a different time, yet, will I accept my part? Will I accept my responsibility?

When I accept and bid the Holy Spirit welcome, my perception is changed. I no longer place the blame on everyone and everything. Important to watch and pay attention to the language we use. Is it “You did this! You did that! or is it, I see where in this situation I was wrong and now I stand ready to make it right?” There is a difference in approach and one to embrace.

We think we can solve all of our problems. I know I have thought the very same.

“You have never given any problem to the Holy Spirit He has not solved for you, nor will you ever do so.”

He will solve my problem, that is, the separation from God. In communion with Him, I will become in communion with God and my brothers. Peace is inevitable. Thank God.


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