In this section it is on the brink of Christmastime. It speaks of birth, but not Jesus’ birth into the world as the world celebrates it. It is granting the Holy Spirit that sacred space within to birth myself in freedom. I also release Jesus from the guilt I tightly held from my religious upbringing. He is not special. He is not superior. He is m elder brother showing me the way home.

I make this day and all days holy by not pursuing the shabby gift of fear. Instead I offer only the gift of love to that which is within me. I welcome my true nature as I prepare myself to host God and not the ego.

This is not sacrifice. It is a womb to prepare and nurture myself. I am praiseworthy of the creation that I am and that God extended. I am love simply and easily. I am here to amplify love and sing its praises from all the ends of the earth until it is no more. There is only love.


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