Thoughts on Week 27, Ch. 15, VI. The Holy Instant and the Laws of God

Perfect faith.

Total Commitment.

These are what I am called upon to find strength within. Without faith and commitment I see myself and others as we are not. In the holy instant there is perfect love. That is what I have forgotten. I had forgotten where perfect love resides. I “lost my religion” and felt no hope in the doors slammed in my face.

There is only one door of which to enter, the door to God. All else has brought me conflict and meaninglessness. If I practice the holy instant, it will continue to extend beyond an instant to a cluster of instants to eternity itself.

The holy instant thus becomes a lesson in how to hold all of your brothers in your mind, experiencing not loss but completion.

I must hold everyone I know or have known with one thought, that of love. I release the cutting binds of guilt and allow the cool breeze of freedom to fan the flames of fear. We are here to recognize that we are to share equally. We are in this together and together we shall remain.

The only bit that is missing is the forgetfulness of these thoughts. When practiced, the mind accepts and receives graciously. When forgotten, the fear rushes in to enclose the mind in darkness. Light is always at the end of the proverbial tunnel. The Light is within. It is our Source. The power of God is present, remember and connection is restored to my awareness. Peace is felt and welcomed. A great sigh of relief is expressed and here with God I am safe.


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