“There is no other love that can satisfy you, because there is no other love.”

There is only the love of God. I fool myself if I believe I can find substitutes for love here in the world. I’ve done it and it does not work.

Specialness is prevalent in all of our relationships. We blame, we feel guilty, we project and we are full of fear. Yet, rarely do we take responsibility for how we feel. We project it forth on to others and make them the enemy, the cause of our problems.

We do this to protect ourselves. We escape and hide from others who we consider as our victimizers. Yet, who is the victim and who is the victimizer? As Jesus says, “Would I accuse myself of this?” We accuse everyone but ourselves as we place the mask of innocence upon our face.

Our anger will not be alleviated by the projection of guilt. The guilt can be subtle or it can be complete rage. We turn our back on someone, we cease communication, but the projection is still there. We involve ourselves in other activities to keep the feelings at bay. Until the next person triggers the pain of guilt and the projection and isolation begins again.

It’s all the ego’s game. We have to ask ourselves, “Am I ready to give this up? Am I going to continue this intellectual foray or practice the wisdom that Jesus sets forth?”

It’s time to practice. It’s time to forgive. It’s time to communicate. It’s time to join in the light.


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