This is my sanctuary, this holy meeting place where I commune with my Divine Comforter. It is the promise I was given, that I was not alone. Not left here to suffer and die. I am promised that I will arise in glory. I need no longer crucify myself for the mistakes and the pain that has wrought hell.

Why embrace littleness when I can embrace the glorious! He wills that I share in the glory and it’s not at a future time, it is here and now and in the present moment. How silly of me to think otherwise! I have only wandered away from the center where God abides. I haven’t left Him, I have just closed my eyes. In full acceptance I open my eyes to behold the oneness of All That Is. And, that is me as well.

Father only created perfect love. Any gift I have given that was not of love was not seen as it was nothing. Today I remember to offer only gifts of love. I forget and forgive the past and open the golden gifts from here on.



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