Thoughts on Lesson 154

I am among the ministers of God.

As I sat in our ministerial student-led class “The Atmosphere of God” last night, I was thrilled to be in the receptive end of a class. I didn’t realize how much I needed to receive. Week after week I produce everything for the ministry, from the classes, to the posts, to the newsletters, to the videos, to the audios, and whatever else comes forth. We’re a mom and pop shop and mostly mom does the work! Not that I mind, it is a labor of love. And, I do have great folks helping to lead like Rev. Gayle and Mari on the Daily Lesson call and Wednesdays, Rev. Tom on Tuesday study, and of course, my hubby, Rev. Paul on Mondays and Sundays.

But to have another gifted individual like our Ministerial Stepping Stones Program student, Lisa Atkins, last night create and lead such a inspiring class felt so soothing to me. It was like a massage! I could relax, I could take a break, I could be in the presence of God with no distraction. This is what we learn as minsters and teachers of God, that we can step back and allow another to lead, gracefully and thankfully. Namely, the Holy Spirit of course, but in this case, it is supporting the truth and the Inner Wisdom of another to shine forth.

We are all ministers of God as Jesus tells us. We are all called, yet  will we listen? Here in the world it seems we need ministers and teachers to serve in the capacity they do. Ministers officiate weddings. It’s what the world does and it must be done legally and that minister needs to go through a program to do so. (The whole subject of instant online ordinations is a whole other post. Just know the federal government is seeking to make those illegal and more states are not recognizing the ordination.) Here at MiraclesOne, we support and encourage our ministers, teachers and students to expand, grow and spread their wings.

Too often I have heard from students a sense of unworthiness in relation to accepting a function as a minister of the world. We are all here to demonstrate God’s Love and we know this as we study ACIM. You learn this each day as you practice the lessons and choose the miracle in forgiveness opportunities. You are already the minister of God. What is it to minister except to attend to the needs of others. By the change of mind you are doing so, you are ministering to all your brothers here.

Our minds are warped by the ego and its connotations on words. Jesus told us so. So in your mind right now, allow the Holy Spirit to redefine the word “minister” to you. As you adhere to the practice today, welcome the role appointed to you. Welcome it with open arms. Be His holy messenger. If you are as God created you, then you are already His messenger. Speak of His Love, act with gentleness and compassion, and hold all in the Light of Healing.

This is your mission, and you can accept it. What you lose is the shabby sense of self the ego has taught you and you gain your Glorious True Self in the process.

My gratitude again to Soon-to-Be Rev. Lisa for create an atmosphere in her class of loving gentleness and quiet joy. I know my experience has been held in my heart as I exchange my thoughts for miraculous ones in our homework assignment. My miraculous thoughts so far: “I have all the help I need.” and “There is nothing I need do but be present and trust Source.”

You too can still experience this wonderful class by Lisa Atkins. We still accept new students in the second week. See The Atmosphere of God link.

Our Stepping Stones Program is for anyone who wants to be ordained as a minister or those who simply seek personal and spiritual growth. We are accepting applications into the program currently.



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