How funny to read what Jesus says, “joy is never permitted and depression is allegiance” to the god of sickness, the ego. Yet in my life, yep, I’ve done it. I have paid the price with my joy to remain in pain and misery.

When I deny God I project to everyone and everything. THEY did it to me! I blame and find fault and refuse to accept responsibility for my mind and so in this I keep denying God and denying my existence in Him.

Of myself I can do nothing, I can do nothing because all I do is make matters worse! I am not of myself and I have a Holy Partner who will lead me out of the darkest mistakes that I have made. I am not a sinner, just mistaken and I do not have to take the mistake so seriously.

My Father does not judge me for this, in fact, He doesn’t even see it! The god of sickness sees my mistakes and judges each one and expects retribution. God, Himself, is not a hung jury. He only judges me as innocent.

I am eternal and cannot die. Nothing that I do or say can change that fact, so why try?




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