Thoughts on Week 15, Text, Chapter 8, VIII. The Body as a Means or End

Chapter 8  VIII. The Body as a Means or End 

“If you are sick, how can you object to the ego’s firm belief that you are not invulnerable?”

“Sickness is a way of demonstrating that you can be hurt.”

My belief in sickness keeps me in the illusory world. I feel vulnerable and thoughts of being maimed or harmed occur, even death. If I focus on the body, this chassis I walk around in and fear all the sickness around me then I will not be obviously listening to the Holy Spirit’s Voice.

Someone has a cold or flu, we take notice. A terminal illness, we take notice. We don’t want either the germ or death to darken our doorstep. We want to protect what is ours, this “sacred” temple that we adorn and worship dearly.

It is not the function that the Holy Spirit intends. Holy Spirit uses everything here for His purpose. My job is to recognize that. The ego will give me conflicting guidance and always to uphold itself in one way or another. Let my body be used for His healing and the healing of others and it will serve its only purpose.

Buy not into vulnerability. Be willing to listen to the Voice that speaks to you now.

You are open to hearing My message, so listen well. Allow the body to be the means by which the Sonship returns to Wholeness. You are doing your part. You know you are when the witnesses appear and share in your message. It is My message that you share. They are affirmed of Truth. They see reality. Be not ashamed of this. Be proud to be the Son of God. My message you deliver. Deliver it gladly and with Joy. You will hear me more as your willingness increases and multiplies. Health is your natural state with Me. There is no sickness in the realm of God. You dreamt of illness and death but now use the dream of forgiveness to wake you from your nightmares. Tell your brothers that they too dream. Demonstrate My Love in all you do. Listen and Be well.


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