Chapter 3, Section III. Perception versus Knowledge

I want to know God, Holy Spirit. I want to have no doubt within my holy mind. I know that I must doubt because I still have the experience of this body and this room, this world around me.

Here in this section, I am being told of knowledge and perception. Knowledge is solid, and nothing can shake its foundation. That is the certainty.

Perception leaves an opening. I had made a choice to see otherwise, and now I am choosing the right perception. Yet, there is still that possible thread that I may follow and question truth.

Attack keeps the barrier between the knowledge and my mind. Even in my daily walk with my brothers, I may choose even so subtly to attack, thus placing the doubt and uncertainty in mind. My task is to stand strong and see no other direction and to know that there is no other direction possible for me to take.

This helps to reinforce for me the lesson I have had for some time which is strengthening my stance in truth. The strong the stance, the more confident I am. The more confident, the more certainty, thus it is leading me to absolute knowledge.


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