Chapter 3, Section I. Atonement without Sacrifice
If I would believe as Christian doctrine has taught that Jesus was crucified for my sins, then the story of Jesus would have stopped just there. But with the resurrection it showed that there was nothing to fear. Death is not real. This world and its laws are not real. God did not create a cruel, vicious world for God is only Love.

Jesus tells us simply here, “I was not ‘punished’ because you were bad.” He also states that “God does not believe in retribution.” His mind does not create that way. He does not hold your “evil” deeds against you. Even a child can understand this premise, that God is Love and nothing else. I know growing up in this the traditional viewpoint left me confused as to what is truth. It never made sense to me.

It is this world that I created that asks, rather demands for sacrifice and death. I experienced this many times myself. Dying to my own truth, sacrificing my own self so that others “may be free…” Is this truly loving? Is it true freedom for others? Guilt is exposes here on both ends. It is not the way to live and certainly not the way my Father intended for me.

Innocence brings strength and in the purity of heart all is preserved. True life is known and fear is undone. The curtain has parted and the light shines through.

Let me know my innocence in You, dear Father, that will exemplify for me my true state of mind. I sacrifice no longer. I die not again to my self, but live in my True Self forever more. Amen.



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