Text – Chapter 2, Section VII. Cause and Effect

“What you believe is true for you.”

Jesus, thank you for this statement. It is true. I will believe whatever I conceive and my mind can miscreate a lot. The good news is that I made the fear and all the situations in my life stemming from it.

And all this because I did believe it true for me. But now I can believe otherwise. I can establish in my mind only love, the light that dispels the darkness.

I have lived in the dark long enough and welcome the sunrise on the horizon, yet again. My choices resulting from my core beliefs control the sunset and the sunrise of my mind.

Let me not continue to be fearful of everyone and everything. Let me recognize my core beliefs so that the light can turn them away.

Whatever my core beliefs are, and here we go again, unworthiness, abandonment, separation and isolation from God, guilt and punishment, are not radiantly shining Love with worthiness, connectedness, oneness, innocence and salvation. A much better choice indeed!


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