You may be surprised that we start with the Preface of ACIM instead of getting right into the meat of the Text. It was something I was guided on many years ago to do. Sometimes we forget these small things as a “preface” because we feel we cannot gain from it. But not so true. We can gain so much from everything around us, if only we are to look. So look with your eyes wide open! I know I have closed my eyes when I thought I knew all the answers, but I realize it is rather wisdom that tells me I do not. So I come to this study with all of you, yes with years of experience, but with new eyes.

I’ll be including new writings with old writings I have done on the Text.

Rev. Deb

January 1, 2016

My writings from the past on this….


Preface – How It Came

I like to start with the Preface because I know that most times when I have read a book in the past, I have ignored an Introduction, a Forward, or a Preface. Here in the Preface I can learn a great deal, if I am open to it.

Miracles begin with a decision to share a common goal. Whether it is with ACIM here as it states with Helen and Bill or myself when I join with the Holy Spirit. Miracles can and will take place when I provide the little willingness. That’s what Helen and Bill’s story is about. The little willingness and out it grew.

“There must be another way.”

When I come to the place where I cannot take it anymore, then I surrender and I look beyond how I think I should fix the problem. I am open to something totally new and not the way I had handled it before.


Preface – What It Is

The Course as my curriculum is so perfect and systematic in its way of teaching. My misguided mind will let go of all that I have learned from my false teacher. This occurs when I allow the training from the Course to occur.

For the training to succeed, I come with complete openness, a little willingness and a determination to heal. That is all that is required. I do not have to understand anything but be ready to practice, ready to accept Holy Spirit’s meaning.

As with any curriculum or course of study, eventually, one reaches a point of completion and travels into the world being guided by the Knowledge and Understanding that is acquired. I am left in the Hands of my Internal Teacher, fully capable of teaching me further in my “post-graduate” studies.

As the Course states, “Forget this world, forget this course and come with wholly empty hands unto your God.”

I am in the Hands of Him Who knows me so perfectly, Who knows that I am perfection itself. And so, Holy Spirit, I place my trust in You. The Course is a teaching device. It is set up for study and application. I can study how I feel guided, but if I am to understand the theory, then I must practice it.

I affirm I will be open to Its teachings. As the quote from the Workbook states, I may find the ideas hard to believe or startling. I am supposed just to apply the ideas, very simply. Let go of my wanting to know the answers and what it all means and just do it. By “doing it” I am letting down my guard, letting down the walls and allowing God’s Loving Hand to come in and let the Answer to be written for me.

Finally, when it is all said and done, I am to allow the Holy Spirit to guide and direct me. I have to come to trust that He will lead.


Preface – What It Says

The Course begins with the distinction of real and unreal. What more could I need after that? Wouldn’t those words be simple enough? But because my ego is too wrapped up in itself, I have to be taught very carefully. I have to come to understand what is knowledge and what is perception. I learn about truth being everything God created and perception everything else and made of my ego mind.

I made it all up in my mind, but that does not mean that I am alone. God gave me the Holy Spirit to assist me in escaping from this world that I have made. All of its darkness and fog used to obscure the Light, His is the task of leading me out and into God’s Arms.

The world that I see around me reflects the guilt and pain and every other similar belief I have held since the separation from God. In truth, we could not be separated but we made a barrier in our mind, hiding from God. As we practice what Jesus puts forth in this Course, little by little that barrier is released.

The barrier is released by miracles, those shifts in perception from the fear to the love. The barrier is let down by forgiveness and seeing through the Eyes of Christ. All of these take me out of the body and into the realm of God.

Forgiveness is the key, and that will be acknowledged many times. Forgiveness is not needed in Heaven, but it is needed here. Forgiveness helps us to remember just a little bit more each time I practice it. Forgiveness reverses everything that was made.

In the end, God Himself takes the final step.

“Truth is unalterable, eternal and unambiguous.”

“The world of perception, on the other hand, is the world of time, of change, of beginnings and endings.”

Which perception that I choose is up to me, it is my decision. Do I accept the truth? Or do I accept the false? I cannot accept both. In the joining, I am learning to relinquish the false and accept what is true more and more. The false falls away layer upon layer as the light cracks through its dusty facade.

The Holy Spirit is my way out, my Answer in Whom I can place all my trust. He is Heaven-Sent to assist me in reversing my thinking. I do not have to do it alone and rely on my strength. I have Him to show me the illusions, to gently remind me to forgive, and to see that Love is greater than fear for fear does not even exist.

Many ideas I have learned upon this journey of my life and will learn even deeper still. I come to know the true union with God and with my brothers by seeing only the Christ. I do not use relationships to divide and separate still to claim what I can get but instead allow them to be used to show me myself. Relationships are the mirror. What reflection shall I choose to see today?

Through the illusion of forgiveness, for Heaven needs it not, I come to correct my error of thinking about my brothers and myself. My Companion helps me to see that this world is just a hologram, a projected image that hides the truth.

Gratefulness for the truth is deep within my heart as I now have another way to see and experience the world. It brings me Home, Home to where I belong eternally.


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