Text – Chapter 1, Section IV. The Escape from Darkness

I must recognize that darkness cannot hide from the light. I also must know that there is nothing that I can hide from in the first place. I have to be willing to hide not one sliver of darkness in my mind if I want to know my Self.

I am holy, and that is the truth that I have hidden by being here in this world. While here in the world, I have believed everything that the world told me. I have believed that my soul is dark with sin and I must sacrifice myself if I am to possibly be recognized…. maybe loved by my Creator.

How absurd that all seems to me now. God is Love, only Love and only capable of extending Love, thinking Thoughts of Love and embracing me with Love. He sees no errors for they do not exist in His Eyes. The miracle returns my mind to the truth.

I am abundant in my Source, and it is for me to accept the fact into my awareness. I am no different than my neighbor, for all was given equally. By my shift in perception that the miracle brings I come into the Light of Abundance from the shadows of lack and limitation sharing it all with my brothers so that they too will recognize the truth.

Jesus showed the way, and I am now here to follow. Let me witness as he has to all of my brothers.


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