The Ladder of Prayer – Pt. 2

Our enemy is the mirror of ourselves. Do we want to look in that mirror? We have all had someone we despise or cringe when someone mentions their name, however, they are our savior. The more energy we shove into the closet of hate the more it makes our heart bleed. Yet when we prayer for these so-called “enemies” in our lives, we are in fact praying for ourselves. We are affirming the truth in us both. This is on the level of truth of course.

This doesn’t mean we go running to the other person in a beautiful field of flowers while lilting music plays in the background. In form, certainly we can have preferences to who we have in our life. Yet, why do we have who we have and why do we not have our enemies? Have we forgotten to acknowledge that they are One with us?

Jesus tells us here that prayer is always for ourselves. When we pray, we are joined with the golden cord of God’s Love. It is holy and we are holy. Our so-called enemy is holy. Are there not times that we do not see our holiness and become an enemy to ourselves?

We learn here that prayer is the ladder to Heaven. We leave the world we know behind as we ascend each rung. We shift from praying for things of the world, to knowing we are in God’s World. We are His Gift and He to us. We have no needs in form as we only need to remember the song within us. That song is the playful melody that brings a bubble of joy rising to our mind. That is the prayer of Who we are.

This does not mean we cannot pray otherwise. We are merely  learning. We can know that we pray for illusions or forget that we are praying for illusions, in this at least we are reaching out to God to communicate with Him. Nothing is ever wrong in our communication with Him. Peace will come to us because in all of this, form or not, peace is our soul’s desire.

Rev. Deb

The Ladder of Prayer – (pghs. 5-8)

S-1.II.5. An enemy is the symbol of an imprisoned Christ. 2 And who could He be except yourself? 3 The prayer for enemies thus becomes a prayer for your own freedom. 4 Now it is no longer a contradiction in terms. 5 It has become a statement of the unity of Christ and a recognition of His sinlessness. 6 And now it has become holy, for it acknowledges the Son of God as he was created.

S-1.II.6. Let it never be forgotten that prayer at any level is always for yourself. 2 If you unite with anyone in prayer, you make him part of you. 3 The enemy is you, as is the Christ. 4 Before it can become holy, then, prayer becomes a choice. 5 You do not choose for another. 6 You can but choose for yourself. 7 Pray truly for your enemies, for herein lies your own salvation. 8 Forgive them for your sins, and you will be forgiven indeed.

S-1.II.7. Prayer is a ladder reaching up to Heaven. 2 At the top there is a transformation much like your own, for prayer is part of you. 3 The things of earth are left behind, all unremembered. 4 There is no asking, for there is no lack. 5 Identity in Christ is fully recognized as set forever, beyond all change and incorruptible. 6 The light no longer flickers, and will never go out. 7 Now, without needs of any kind, and clad forever in the pure sinlessness that is the gift of God to you, His Son, prayer can again become what it was meant to be. 8 For now it rises as a song of thanks to your Creator, sung without words, or thoughts, or vain desires, unneedful now of anything at all. 9 So it extends, as it was meant to do. 10 And for this giving God Himself gives thanks.

S-1.II.8. God is the goal of every prayer, giving it timelessness instead of end. 2 Nor has it a beginning, because the goal has never changed. 3 Prayer in its earlier forms is an illusion, because there is no need for a ladder to reach what one has never left. 4 Yet prayer is part of forgiveness as long as forgiveness, itself an illusion, remains unattained. 5 Prayer is tied up with learning until the goal of learning has been reached. 6 And then all things will be transformed together, and returned unblemished into the Mind of God. 7 Being beyond learning, this state cannot be described. 8 The stages necessary to its attainment, however, need to be understood, if peace is to be restored to God’s Son, who lives now with the illusion of death and the fear of God.



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