I. True Prayer – Part 2

I. True Prayer (Paragraphs 5-7)

Our study of The Song of Prayer

The first sentence in paragraph 5 speaks to me again and again when I read this. "Prayer is a stepping aside; a letting go, a quiet time of listening and loving." In this, I step away from what I think I need, and I let go of all my desired outcomes and come silently join with the Holy Spirit. In this I experience His Love and Peace. In this form of True Prayer, I am remembering the truth of Who I am. I come to know my holiness and my wholeness. Something I do not think about every single moment, especially when I am in pain. Yet when I come gently to Him I am reminded of such. I come with no needs at all. I come with gratitude. I come as I am. I come to be showered with His Love.

Jesus tells us here that not everyone can attain that level of prayer yet that should not make us anxious. We are where we are and he has assured us of that previously. No need to force ourselves along the path. Accept where we are and the rest will fall into place. When I am in the shade of darkness i can trust that another will raise me up to God merely by believing as so. I may not believe as so in the moment, but through another our minds being joined is powerful.

The only prayer is one of thanks and more than that it is a gift of thanks to our Father. We have everything and we have no need to be beggars for His Love. When I know this as true, and yes, I have had those times, it is a glorious feeling of being in the Light of Christ. When we join together we are in the Light of Christ because we are the Light of Christ. Amen and amen.

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I. True Prayer, under 1. Prayer in THE SONG OF PRAYER

S-1.I.5.  Prayer is a stepping aside; a letting go, a quiet time of listening and loving. 2 It should not be confused with supplication of any kind, because it is a way of remembering your holiness. 3 Why should holiness entreat, being fully entitled to everything Love has to offer? 4 And it is to Love you go in prayer. 5 Prayer is an offering; a giving up of yourself to be at one with Love. 6 There is nothing to ask because there is nothing left to want. 7 That nothingness becomes the altar of God. 8 It disappears in Him.

S-1.I.6.  This is not a level of prayer that everyone can attain as yet. 2 Those who have not reached it still need your help in prayer because their asking is not yet based upon acceptance. 3 Help in prayer does not mean that another mediates between you and God. 4 But it does mean that another stands beside you and helps to raise you up to Him. 5 One who has realized the goodness of God prays without fear. 6 And one who prays without fear cannot but reach Him. 7 He can therefore also reach His Son, wherever he may be and whatever form he may seem to take.

S-1.I.7.  Praying to Christ in anyone is true prayer because it is a gift of thanks to His Father. 2 To ask that Christ be but Himself is not an entreaty. 3 It is a song of thanksgiving for what you are. 4 Herein lies the power of prayer. 5 It asks nothing and receives everything. 6 This prayer can be shared because it receives for everyone. 7 To pray with one who knows that this is true is to be answered. 8 Perhaps the specific form of resolution for a specific problem will occur to either of you; it does not matter which. 9 Perhaps it will reach both, if you are genuinely attuned to one another. 10 It will come because you have realized that Christ is in both of you. 11 That is its only truth.


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