Last night’s Summer Thursday class session was once again amazing as always. We are not in our “class” mode so to speak as we will return to our 6 week series in mid-September. But last night after our opening meditation and check in period, we found similarities in what group members were sharing. The raw honesty that takes place each week is always something the group members cherish and certainly it was no disappointment. In the discussion and sharing, what emerged first is what we viewed here in the world in our lives, items like: wanting to be right with a sibling and wanting to be fully acknowledged by family members.

As we always hold healing in mind during these sessions, this led us to not only exploring what is underneath but how we keep God at arm’s length. So our initial “worldly” talk turns into the awareness and acceptance of wanting to be right about the world we made here in our “separation” from God, to also still wanting that specialness from Him. We want the relationship with God, yet we still want our own identity. We also relish in being the victim from that “punishing” God in our minds.

However, God loves us dearly.  As the lessons we used for our opening meditation, Lesson 224 and 225 state: God is my Father, and He loves His Son, and God is my Father, and His Son loves Him. One idea that was mentioned in our session was the parable of The Prodigal Son. In the sharing of this parable we are likened to the prodigal son, yet as someone spoke last night, what about the other son. The son who played fair, who supported his father, worked hard and toiled for the property, how did he feel? And why do I feel that way in my family situation? I love my family and I would do anything for my family, but why does someone else receive the celebration of the fatted calf where I am left starving for affection and recognition?

How tricky the ego plays it, right? We want the recognition from God, yet we want our separate identity, yet we want God to adore us and yet we want our own power. What a tangled web the ego weaves! And there we are feeling as if our heart is broken. The tears flow even though we intellectually understand what Jesus speaks of in ACIM. What to do?

Feel the feelings. Honor yourself where you are. Holy Spirit will not rush you. He waits and He holds your hand. He knows the truth and beams that to your mind. When you are ready to accept His Transmission of Truth, you will. Give yourself time to simply be. Perhaps before you rushed the feelings aside in the attempt to be “spiritual” or a “good” Course student. Allowing the sludge to rise to the surface is being a “good” Course student. You are courageous and brave to look at it with Holy Spirit and through Him you will see the purity and Light.

I hope you will join us in these Thursday sessions, now while we are still in drop-in mode for the rest of the summer, and then later in our six week classes. Our first class in September will be “Health is Inner Peace.” See calendar –

Our retreat in September, the 10th-13th, will be more of the same but with our guest Donna Marie Cary – weaving her inspiration music throughout the weekend. Our theme is “Let Him Lead the Way” and that’s exactly how this retreat will be handled. It will be handled with the Holy Spirit in charge. The retreat is an intimate gathering and provides the opportunity for sharing truly with one another in a safe and supported atmosphere. It is very much experiential!!! Certainly there will be downtime for enjoying the trails, the nearby lake and all the natural beauty that surrounds us. More information about the retreat is at or our website


Rev. Deb Phelps

August 14th, 2015





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