Song of Prayer – 1. Prayer – Introduction

The Song of Prayer – 1. PRAYER Introduction

When I look at these two paragraphs, what comes to my heart is the song. I am a musician, so many times I will hear Holy Spirit through music. Seeing words such as the “single voice Creator and creation share”, that is we are in unison with Him, “endless harmony” – we not only at times sing in unison with God but we are blended with Him. Music itself can be beautiful where all sing as One or a full chorus. Each different styles, yet each as poignant.

In this song is our thanks and gratitude to God. It is the greatest Love story ever told! Father and Son as One! That is the gratitude to remember to have is that I am one with God despite my health diagnosis, despite what experiences I have come my way, despite some anxiety I experienced today, despite what others (ego) say about me, despite it all. I am never alone.

These paragraphs are the lifting introduction to what we will continue to learn. Like the overture to a Broadway musical. A little snippet here and there of what we will hear throughout the show, and it builds and builds to the end and the encore.

To understand that “prayer takes the form that best will suit your need” and even though I know the only prayer to have is one of gratitude, at times it may need to take other forms because of where I am in the moment. Perhaps I do not remember I am one with God when I am feeling down and out or in pain of some sort. Perhaps I am angry and struggling to get through a judgment. Perhaps my prayer is simply “Help” said to the Holy Spirit.

I have prayed in all ways and it is okay to do, for any of us it is okay to do. We can hold in our mind and heart that we are One with God and only this we shall remember, yet, we seem to be pretty attached to these bodies as well. God doesn’t judge us at all for what we think we know or the way we pray. Only we do. He will uplift us and see the truth in us no matter what the circumstance and of this I am indeed grateful.

My prayer today is to remember the truth. As our recent Review Lessons are leading us before and after practicing, it is simply “I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.” That is the prayer I will invoke. Interestingly enough, today’s lesson #202, tells us also “I will be still and instant and go Home.” That’s what prayer does for me. It stops me in my tracks and bickering mind and allows me to step back and remember to see the guiding light Home.

I want peace instead. My only goal.


Rev. Deb



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