Priorities and Practice

In March of 2013, I spoke on the idea of our belief that we are “too busy” for miracles or meditation or our spiritual practice. (See the video “Too Busy for Miracles” – )

I always loved what I heard Jerry Jampolsky say in a VHS video many moons ago.  That was, to set a priority for our spiritual practice. He compared it to, yes I’m going to say it, diarrhea. If we have the Big D, nothing will stop us from making the Big D a priority, right? That high powered meeting, your wedding, a hospital procedure, whatever it is we STOP and take care of business right then and there in the moment.

He also said that if we gave our spiritual practice the SAME priority as we do the Big D, what a difference that it would make for us. And it would make a difference if we would stop using everything and anything that we can as an excuse to keep our happiness and peace at bay.

I invite you to make your spiritual practice the FIRST priority when you wake up in the morning and the LAST priority as you go to sleep at night. That’s what Jesus indicates in the Manual for Teachers. Just 5 minutes! Five minutes is all it takes. We all can dedicate just 5 small minutes in the morning and in the evening.

You can do this by giving up Facebook for 5 minutes twice a day (YES YOU CAN!), or browsing the internet or channel surfing on the TV, or texting someone on your phone. Quieting ourselves with several deep breaths and joining with the Holy Spirit can make all the difference in the world in how we view and experience our world.

Start by closing your eyes and take a few slow deep breaths. Granted your mind will start to wander on all the tasks you have to complete today, grocery lists, that email you have to send, and the like. That is the ego attempting to keep you from your connection with the Holy Spirit. Ignore the ego. You can either bring your attention back to your breath or choose a thought to come back to like “I am as God created me” or “Peace to me” or “I am in the flow of Peace.” Choose whatever you like and use it as an anchor point to return to if the mind starts to become busy with all of those “to-do’s.” Ah….peace comes when you take the time.

We easily get wrapped up in the latest stories and dramas of our lives and others. As Clairol has always told us, women, “You’re WORTH it!” You are worth those few minutes twice a day. Later you may find that 5 minutes is not enough, you may find that you need 10 minutes twice a day. By giving up the Ego-surfing, we will come into the calm Sea of Love.

This will lead us to what Jesus says additionally in the same section in the Manual, and that is during the day it is suggested that we have thought of pure joy as we go about our activities. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Instead of feeling stressed and tense that we experience a calm joy?

Now, this isn’t to make anyone feel guilty, but it might cause you to take a look at your “busy” life and see where God can have a place in it. Remember the ego is E-dging G-od O-ut so where in your life are you edging God out and not giving Him the time that both He and you deserve?

Sit with that thought for just a few moments and see what you receive. Write it down even and make a commitment to make a change right now. Post it on a mirror or your refrigerator. You can do it!

Blessings of Peace,

Rev. Deb Phelps




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