remember-photoI woke up two days ago with the thought that I recently read (somewhere in the Course) that we are being “taught to remember.”  This blew my mind because “remembering” is not something that I generally consider that I have to “learn.”  In fact, when I get concerned about people who appear to have lost the capacity for types of memory, there seem to be limited options about what kind of learning might strengthen this capacity to remember.  “Remembering” is about retrieving information that is already known, right?  And “learning” implies to me that I have to take in information that I did not already know. 

So, “learning to remember” is sort of a contradiction in terms, but at the same time, (as with so many things related to ACIM) it works.  Holy Spirit teaches us to remember how to awaken… we learn to remember what we Are. 

Searching through the Text, I found the concept in several places (including T12. VI. 2) and I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed it before, except “now” must simply be the perfect time.  

Joanna Rogers, MiraclesOne Ministerial Student

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