Let Christ be Welcomed

As we enter into Christmastime, let us remember that the holy Christ is born within us. We are surrounded by our Father’s Love. Let us realize the love that we are. Let us welcome all that is sacred and holy and know that we too are the very same. For so long we have denied Who we really are. We focus on our differences thus lending the wall of separation its means to be built higher and higher. Yet, let us see that we are One in the Mind of God. Let us all welcome the Christ as one within us.

In the Ch. 29. III. God’s Witnesses, Jesus shares with us that there is within us a tiny spark, a space of light created where God still shines. It is in each one of us. As we behold this light we will see God Himself. The darkness cannot hold us any longer. Instead make way for Love and let it rest where it is needed.

Stop for a moment and sense this Light within. This Light is Love, the Love of God. Let it grow and expand, and let it extend far beyond eternity. In this moment there is “peace on earth”. Let that peace permeate your mind and leave your fingertips. Remember your brothers and offer only “goodwill towards men”. Let the heart of kindness lead the way. We are not are identities, our personalities, our flaws and mistakes, we are something so much more. We are precious to our Father. We are the Son He loves. We cannot do anything to dim our Holy Light, our Holy Self. We are greeted with Open Arms in Heaven as we greet the Son in Truth.

Welcome Christ today within your Heart. Let the angels surround you and uplift you. Let their Heavenly Song remind you that you are not alone. Deep in your mind the holy Christ in you is waiting your acknowledgement as you. You are as God created you. This is freedom into peace and eternity.

I wish you peace this Christmas and Always,

Rev. Deb Phelps, Senior Minister of MiraclesOne

December 20th, 2014


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