It’s been a rich week of discovery for those who participated in some way or form with our weekly reading from the Text, Ch. 11, Section III. As you may know this week we have been focusing on this reading in reference to our monthly theme of “Hide and Seek.” We have covered it Monday and Thursday nights in our Summer Study groups, Wednesday morning in our Practical Application Group , and Tuesday during our radio show.

Last night’s group benefitted from a very in depth study of which our students shared real life examples and of course the a-ha’s were flowing! I know for me I had one of THOSE kinds of weeks where at every turn I either was making a mistake, there was a misunderstanding or a miscommunication, judging myself, blaming others, and just all around good ego devilish fun. NOT!

Some points from this reading:

  • Weariness = Judgment – We have heard this before right? Our judgment is what makes us soooo tired. Release the judgment and the veil is lifted. Energy is restored. I know this happened for me last night as I approached the study session. The last thing I felt like doing was being in a group with the day/week I had, but in joining with my mighty companions and sharing, talking and laughing about the truth, my energy was regained I actually was up much later than I had anticipated because I felt so much more alive!
  • We only hurt ourselves? How do we do this? By our judgment upon ourselves and others. In truth we cannot be harmed, but on this level we experience everyday it seems that we can be. We have to remember it is only our thoughts that cause us pain.
  • God’s Will for us is Joy! He wants us to leap into Heaven and experience the bounty that lay there. Who doesn’t want that? I know we talked about this last night that we want it, yet to be asked to take that leap of faith seems frightening. It does take trust. (Remember that first characteristic of God’s teacher that I spoke about a few weeks ago? That applies here.)
  • The way is not hard, but it IS very different. – Yes the path of ACIM is different than anything you have known. It needs to be different because we have been “poorly taught” by the ego’s thought system. The Workbook helps us to undo the “previous” teaching and build our foundation of Love.
  • The Dark Companions – Sounds like the Nazgul, the Black Riders or Ringwraiths from the Lord of the Rings, right? These aren’t actual “companions” but they are our thoughts of fear, guilt, grief, anger, sadness, judgment, blame and the like. They are illusions that blot out the Great Light. You are God’s Child.
  • Do not be tempted to deny God, simply accept what He says is true. Accept His Will for you. What is that? To be happy! We do this through forgiveness.
  • Only God’s Comforter can comfort you – That is what the Holy Spirit is here for, to comfort, assist and guide us past the illusions. He is like Gandalf taking us on his mighty steed, Shadowfax. In fact, Shadowfax according to Tolkein’s world, was capable of comprehending human speech and run faster than the wind. Is that not like the Holy Spirit? He speaks our language can understand and transcends all time. Why not join Him?
  • Our final thought is to bless the whole Sonship, to bless everyone. In one of our sessions this week we used Lesson 108 – To give and to receive are one in truth. I also used it during last Sunday’s message on “Gentleness.” So we close our eyes, repeat the truth of the statement and then offer to everyone what we wish to receive. Is it gentleness? Peace of mind? What will you bless yourself and your brothers with?
  • Our group last night ended with a meditation using Lesson 157 – Into His Presence would I enter now. That is the Light that we walk into, leaving those dark companions in the dust. A member asked me for the old Oman and Shanti song that sings of “Into His Presence”, it is called “Let Me Remember” – I believe this was recorded in the late 1980s. Beautiful ACIM lyrics.

I hope you will join us for one of the groups next week as we study next week’s reading (our in-between June/July reading) Lesson 140 – Only salvation can be said to cure. In July we will be working on “The Obstacles to Peace” taking one of the four obstacles each week to focus on.

Here is our group line up that specifically uses the weekly readings:

Monday Summer Study Group

8 pm Eastern/7 pm Central

60 minutes

Videoconference, Phone and Held at Madison Center

Tuesday Radio Show
2 pm Eastern/1 pm Central

60 minutes and phone in available for comments/questions

Wednesday Practical Application Group

12 pm Eastern/11 am Central

60 minutes

Videoconference, Phone and Held at Madison Center

Thursday Summer Study Group

8 pm Eastern/7 pm Central

90 minutes

Videoconference, Phone and Held at Madison Center (this groups studies the reading more in-depth)


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