This week I’ll be taking a break from posting every day. I do need that respite from time to time. Today on the Tuesday show I led our discussion on this week’s reading, Lesson 185 – I want the peace of God. We have to ask ourselves, “Do I really want peace?” and “Am I willing to give up my dreams of peace here in the illusion to have everlasting peace?” Rev. Gayle, Ryan and I share our personal experiences, sometimes met with shame and embarrassment, Within peace is always there, it is a part of us, it is us. We just need to stop putting the peace set in a future time. “I’ll have peace when ___ happens.” You can be peaceful now. You can be happy now. It’s your choice.

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We’ll start a new theme next week with “Roll the Stone Away”. Next week’s reading is “The Responsibility for Sight” in the Text, Chapter 21, Section II.

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Rev. Deb Phelps, Senior Minister

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