We conclude this week’s reading with paragraphs 7 and 8 of Chapter 11, Section III. From Darkness to Light. 

T-11.III.7.             Only God’s Comforter can comfort you. 2 In the quiet of His temple, He waits to give you the peace that is yours. 3 Give His peace, that you may enter the temple and find it waiting for you. 4 But be holy in the Presence of God, or you will not know that you are there. 5 For what is unlike God cannot enter His Mind, because it was not His Thought and therefore does not belong to Him. 6 And your mind must be as pure as His, if you would know what belongs to you. 7 Guard carefully His temple, for He Himself dwells there and abides in peace. 8 You cannot enter God’s Presence with the dark companions beside you, but you also cannot enter alone. 9 All your brothers must enter with you, for until you have accepted them [you] cannot enter. 10 For you cannot understand wholeness unless you are whole, and no part of the Son can be excluded if he would know the Wholeness of his Father.

T-11.III.8.             In your mind you can accept the whole Sonship and bless it with the light your Father gave it. 2 Then you will be worthy to dwell in the temple with Him, because it is your will not to be alone. 3 God blessed His Son forever. 4 If you will bless him in time, you will be in eternity. 5 Time cannot separate you from God if you use it on behalf of the eternal.

I cannot comfort myself, certainly now that is quite obvious. In the silence is only where I will find peace. I spoke the power of silence during my radio show on Thursday (12/19/13-see link) As I embrace peace, peace embraces me. My mind is as pure as it was created. I only allowed dark thoughts to soil me but in truth I can never be soiled, it only seems that way from my skewed perception.

As my perception becomes clear, I realize I need my brothers to enter into Heaven. Every horrid thought, every unspoken resentment and every cold shoulder I have held towards another needs to be relinquished if the light of joy is to be experienced. I do want to experience joy, so I enter within the silent temple in my mind and join with my Guide, the Comforter, the Friend, the Divine Presence that God gifted me to release the heavy chains of judgment. What relief when I accept the gift. A gift indeed to recognize this holiday season and every day.

Next week’s reading is Workbook for Students, Lesson 157 – Into His Presence would I enter now.


Rev. Deb Phelps, Senior Minister

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