No One is Ever Guilty in a Dream!!!

Safety, avoiding upsetting situations, being happy and peaceful no matter what’s going on around you… we need to snap out of the illusion, wake up from our silly dream and our wishful thinking and CHOOSE AGAIN! And so who are we choosing between… easy. Jesus or Satan! Actually Satan is a bit much because it has been used to scare innocent people for ages. Satan is Hebrew for adversary. Satan is that part of mind that is working against what’s best for us, and he or it does so by design. Another words, on propose. ACIM calls Satan EGO who is an actual dream force like us, but it’s invisible, lives in our minds and is always, always, trying to punish us with guilt and shame for sins that it says we committed. And the big bummer is down deep we believe the ego. If we would choose Jesus we’d see we never went deep enough… because if you keep on digging into your mind you eventually hit LIGHT, DIVINE LIGHT. Everyone does no matter where you dig from, you just have dig in real deep. Most of us stay in the shallow end and fake happiness and enlightenment because ego has us too scared to look at the sins we think we committed.

So instead we blame others, flinging our ego-invented sins at each other so we don’t have to admit our own sins and hence won’t feel the pain of the guilt over what we think we have done. BUT WAIT ! We are dreaming! and… NO ONE IS EVER GUILTY IN A DREAM!!! That’s one reason why Jesus used the word dream. It’s easier to see the absurdity of holding someone guilty for what they did when they’re fast asleep. And so it is with The Sonship. The Son of God seemed to, or pretended, or made believe he was sleeping, and entered a dream or illusion of duality, of opposites, of pairs.

Q: Did the Son really fall asleep. Are we really here?
A: No. Hence the words pretend, dream, illusion and make believe. Also, sleeping is a human thing… it’s part of the illusion. Saying The Son of God fell asleep is a way to help us understand what happened. Truth be told, we don’t have the words to even ask the question ‘how did Oneness break into pieces.’ No matter how many variations of the question people have tried they’re all the same. It’s the ego using the individual to harass the spirit into an admission that God is not an absolute Oneness. It’s like this… Can God make a rock He cannot lift? Oooooh, sounds tricky. It’s tricky because it’s not really a question. It’s not anything actually. It’s just words strung together with a question mark at the end. I’ll show you what I mean by giving the only possible response… Yes God can make a rock he can’t lift… and no he cannot. What’s that you say? That’s not an answer? That’s what you get when you don’t ask a question. Asking how we got here, no matter how you phrase it is the ego, unconsciously using you to make the statement “I’m here, admit it!” But he dresses it up as a question and tells you you’re very smart for “asking.”

Q: What is Divine Light?
A: The Light one finds when one digs deep enough on the inside, when he faces down his imaginary sins and then there is only LIGHT.

Q: What does the Light do?
A: Ensures Safety, Happiness and Peacefulness no matter what’s going on around you…

The teachers of God have trust in the world, because they have learned it is not governed by the laws the world made up. It is governed by a power that is in them but not of them. It is this power that keeps all things safe.
–Jesus, Manual for Teachers

Rev. Wayne Stills

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