Reflection Questions on “Holy Encounters”

From Sunday Service June 23rd, 2013
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Holy Encounters with Rev. Deb Phelps


1. Using the Focus Quote for Today:

a. For only “now” is here, and only “now” presents the opportunities for the holy encounters in which salvation can be found. T-13.IV.7:7

b. What opportunities for salvation have you experienced in the last week with your “holy encounters”?

2. The past is over. It can touch me not. W-289

a. When you see someone you are not seeing who they are in the “now”, but merely a shadow of what you believe from the past placed on the person in front of you. As you reflect on your own life, what shadow from your past do you recognized as being repeated again and again?

b. Are you ready to let go of holding onto that shadow and insisting that it is always there?

c. Are you ready to see everyone for the first time?

d. When we see others for the “first time” we are seeing them as minds expressing love or a call for love. There is no other perception to see.

e. Write or share your thoughts on this idea.

3. We cannot be truly present to someone without letting go of the past. Unforgiveness becomes the shadow that keeps from seeing the present. We can undo this by choosing the Holy Spirit instead of the ego. When we listen to His Voice as He reminds us to see peace instead.

a. When you meet anyone, remember it is a holy encounter. As you see him you will see yourself. As you treat him you will treat yourself. As you think of him you will think of yourself. T-8.III.4:1-4

b. What does this quote mean to you personally? Have you experienced this with someone where you really and truly understood what this quote meant? Like had an “aha” moment?

4. Eyes of Specialness vs. Eyes of Holiness

a. Practice recognizing if you are looking at others through the Eyes of Specialness or the Eyes of Holiness as you go about your week. If you need assistance, refer to Lesson 78 – Let miracles replace all grievances.

5. Practice Joining in the Holy Instant (Text, Chapter 15, IV)

a. The holy instant is this instant and every instant. The one you want it to be.

b. You can claim the holy instant anytime and anywhere.

c. Be willing to let specialness go.

d. Give over to the Holy Spirit your plan of specialness so that you will have His plan of Holiness instead.

e. In joining in the Holy Instant, recognize that you alone cannot know the holy instant.

f. Ask yourself honestly, “Would I want to have perfect communication, and am I wholly willing to let everything that interferes with it go forever?”

g. Be still. You will be answered.



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